Middle School Get-the-Kinks-Out Playdate 8/22/2020

This low-key play date is offered early in the season and is targeted for teams with little previous experience.  Each team will get three matches.

Though officials will be provided and score will be kept, this tournament will be less about competition and more about learning rules, rotations, score keeping, etc..  We will not be crowning a tournament champion.

This tournament is typically a learning experience for score-keeping parents as well.  To aid in the effort to teach parents this skill, we present the following link, which has very good instructions on score-keeping: http://aavball.com/coaches. Please ask your score-keeping parents to do their “homework” in advance, and then use the playdate as a low-pressure vehicle to get comfortable in their roles.


This playdate has filled to capacity each of the past six years we have offered it, so procrastinators beware.  We’re limiting the number of teams that can participate this year in response to the pandemic, and as of 8-15 we are full.  You may waitlist a team by emailing Briana Johnson, and we ask that you follow up by downloading, completing and submitting the 2020 MS tourney registration form.


All  teams will play at Southern Volleyball Center


  • The play schedule: MS Play Date 2020 schedule.REV.
  • Doors open at 8:00 a.m.; competition begins at 9:00
  • to the extent possible we have endeavored to pair “A” teams with “A” teams and “B” with “B”.

Warm-up volleyballs — YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN!.  The tournament will furnish game balls only.

Food Tables — are not allowed inside the facility owing to the pandemic.  Teams will be allowed to bring one cooler per team inside the venue.  If the weather is nice, tailgating outside is permitted and encouraged.   If you avail yourselves of this option, please set up your tents in the grassy area in front of SVC’s premises- as shown in the picture below — NOT in the parking field and certainly not in front of our neighbors’ vehicles.  Please do not bring your own tables into the gym, as we do not have room for them.







Children under 10 are admitted free.  All others will be charged a $7/person entrance fee.  Please bring your credit cards as cash will no be accepted.  This is part of our COVID-19 response.


Parking at SVC can be challenging.  There should be sufficient parking on site for this tournament.  If the front lot is full, there is room — along with a second entrance — to the rear of the building.

COVID Precautions

Please review by pressing this link

We look forward to a fun and instructive — and SAFE —  early-season event.  If you have questions in the meantime, please contact one of the following:

Tracey Brown                                 Phil Teknipp

(404) 234-1810                              (440) 413-7911

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