Varsity, JV Kick-off Klassik – 8/15/2020

We created this early-season tournament in response to several coaches’ requests. Though of course a team’s performance at the end of the season matters more than at the beginning, this event provides coaches with an important barometer of where their team stands and what they need to work on.

Cost is $255 for the varsity division and $225 for JV.

Registration is best done by completing the 2020 High School Tournament Registration Form – 2020 and sending it, along with your registration fee, to Briana Johnson at the address indicated on the form.  The tournament filled in 2019 so we suggest you reserve your spot soon if you would like to attend.

Venue will be at SVC (Varsity) and a nearby, TBA high school for JV.

Schedule — will be emailed to coaches and posted on this website not later than the Tuesday prior to the event.  Competition will commence at 8:00 a,m. sharp and will be scheduled to conclude by 5:00 p.m.

Coaches Packet — There will be no coaches meeting.  We ask that you check in at the tournament desk when your team arrives, at which time we will give you a coaches packet, which will take the place of a meeting.  The Packet will also be posted on this website about a week prior to the event.

Food Tables

SVC will provide enough tables for each team to use 1/2 table for food inside the gym. Please do not bring your own tables into the gym, as we do not have room for them.


If you desire more space and weather permits, tailgating outside is permitted and encouraged.  If you avail yourselves of this option, please set up your tents in the grassy area in front and to the side of the building — NOT in the parking field and certainly not in front of our neighbors’ vehicles.


Children under 10 are admitted free.  All others will need to pay a $5/person entrance fee.


There should also be sufficient parking at SVC for this tournament.  If the front lot is full, there is room — along with a second entrance — to the rear of the building. We have an overflow alternative in the event that ours is full — across Hembree Road in the Alpharetta Public Works Building. Please do NOT park in the lot across the street serving AT&T, and do NOT park on the grass, in a reserved spot, or in a handicap spot (unless you display the proper credential), as violators will be towed.

If you have questions or need to contact the on-site gym manager, please contact one of the following:

Phil Teknipp     Tournament Director, SVC       (440) 413-7911

Tracey Brown    Gym Manager, JCHS                (404) 234-1810

Michael Fletcher