Southern Volleyball Invitational — 10/3/2020

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The goal of this tournament is to bring the best teams in the South together prior to their states’ Championship Tournament for a weekend of top-level competition.  “Best tournament we have attended all year.”  “Exactly what we needed coming in to the Regional/State Championship Tournament.”  This was the best tournament experience for high school that I have had in 29 years!”  “We will be back if you’ll have us!”

Those are some of the comments made by participating coaches in previous years, and our hope is to make the event more competitive and beneficial for participants with each passing year.  2019 was by far the most competitive of the tournament’s history, and we expect to up the bar yet again in 2020.

Invitations will be extended to teams beginning in December, 2019, based on how they performed in 2019, as well as their program’s reputation for sustained excellence.  Experience suggests that the event will be fully subscribed by January, 2020.  Invited/confirmed teams should complete the southern volleyball invitational registration – 2020 form and send it, along with the entry fee, to the address indicated on the form right away, as we will reserve slots in the order in which invited teams register.  Schools not expressly invited to this tournament but desirous of attending are welcome to make their case by contacting Briana Johnson.

Cost – $295/team

Schedule – doors open at 7 a.m. and play commences at 8 a.m. sharp.  Teams playing in the finals can expect to be complete by 6 p.m.  Schedule will be emailed to coaches and posted on this website not later than the Tuesday prior to the event.

Housing – we will block out rooms at a nearby hotel the spring prior to the tournament.  Registration instruction will be posted on this website.

Coaches Meeting – There will be none.  Rather, we ask that coaches upload and review the Coaches Packet that will be posted hereon.  Coaches, please simply check in with the tournament desk upon your team’s arrival.

Athletic Trainers – We will have a certified athletic trainer on site commencing at 7:30 a.m. and for the entirety of the tournament.  If you want your ankles wrapped please supply your own tape.

Food Tables – We will provide enough tables for each team to use 1/2 table for food inside the gym. Please do not bring your own tables into the gym, as we do not have room for them.  Please also refrain from bringing heating devices such as crock pots in the gym.


If you desire more space and weather permits, tailgating outside is permitted and encouraged.  If you avail yourselves of this option, please set up your tents in the grassy area in front and to the side of the building — NOT in the parking field and certainly not in front of our neighbors’ vehicles.

Gate – Children under 10 are admitted free.  All others will need to pay a $7/person entrance fee.

Parking – There should be sufficient parking on site for this tournament.  If the front lot is full, there is room — along with a second entrance — to the rear of the building. We have an overflow alternative in the event that ours is full — across Hembree Road in the Alpharetta Public Works Building.  Please do NOT park in the lot across the street serving AT&T, and do NOT park on the grass, in a reserved spot, or in a handicap spot (unless you display the proper credential), as violators will be towed.

We ask that buses park in the Public Works lot.  A parking attendant will be on duty to direct you.

If you have questions or problems, please contact one of the following:

Tournament Administrator       Briana Johnson          (404) 683-9494

On-site Tournament Director    Phil Teknipp                (440) 413-7911

Michael Fletcher

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