JV Georgia Challenge — 9/7/19

Registration is closed.  

Venues – Unfortunately one of the venues we had hoped to use has become unavailable to us.  We’ve scrambled to find an alternate, and we are thankful for Endurance Academy’s willingness to help us out at the last minute.  Teams from pool A will be initially competing at Endurance Center,  at 7340 McGinnis Ferry Road in Johns Creek, and teams from pools B through E will play at Southern Volleyball Center in Alpharetta.

Schedule  – Doors will open at 7 a.m. and play will commence at 8 a.m. sharp.  We expect the last match to conclude by 6:00 p.m.  We’ve had a few rude, last-minute drops, so we apologize that the schedule was not posted until Wednesday, and for its atypical nature.  We had to balance gym availability with our desire to provide each team with a minimum of four matches, as well as the need to finish up by 5 or  p.m.  At any rate, the schedule may be downloaded by pressing this link:  GA Challenge JV 2019

Coaches Meeting – There will be no pre-tournament coaches meeting.  Rather, we simply ask that you check in at the desk when your team arrives, where you will be given a coaches packet.  Or if you prefer, you may download by pressing this link: Coaches Packet, 2019 Georgia Challenge (JV)

Food tables are permissible at Endurance Center, but you must bring your own table.

We will provide enough tables at SVC for each team to use 1/2 table for food inside the gym. Please do not bring your own tables into the gym, as we do not have room for them.


If you desire more space and weather permits, tailgating outside is permitted and encouraged.  If you avail yourselves of this option, please set up your tents in the grassy area in front and to the side of the building — NOT in the parking field and certainly not in front of our neighbors’ vehicles.


Children under 10 are admitted free.  All others will need to pay a $5/person entrance fee.  We will provide wrist bands which are good at both locations.


There is obvious and ample parking at Endurance Academy.  Parking at SVC will be more of a challenge. If the front lot is full, there is room — along with a second entrance — to the rear of the building. We have an overflow alternative in the event that ours is full — across Hembree Road in the Alpharetta Public Works Building.  Please do NOT park in the lot across the street serving AT&T, and do NOT park on the grass, in a reserved spot, or in a handicap spot (unless you display the proper credential), as violators will be towed.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Briana Johnson via email or if they are game-day issues, contact Tournament Director Phil Teknipp.

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