Leapin’ Littles — January 21 – 22, 2018

Leapin’ Littles is for the Youngsters — 10, 11 & 12 club divisions will compete in what will be for many the first tournament of their young lives.

Registration — will open on AES on October 15, 2017

Cost — $375/team

Location — Southern Volleyball Center and/or Peachtree Volleyball Center  depending on registrations. A map and directions are available on this link.

Schedule/Waves/Format — Waves will be posted two weeks prior to the tournament; the schedule will be posted on AES not later than Tuesday prior to the tournament.

Coaches Meeting – There will be no coaches meeting at this tournament.  Rather, we will give coaches one coaches packet per team upon check-in.  It is also downloadable by pressing this link: COACHES PACKET 2016


Spectators will be charged $5/day for admittance to the tournament.  Players and coaches will be admitted without cost.  The entrance to PCVC is to the rear of the facility. 

On-site Tournament Manager is Phil Teknipp.  He can be reached at 440-413-7911 in the event of a last-minute emergency.


There is limited on-site parking, but parking is allowed on all of the public streets around PCVC.


Please enter the premises to the rear of the building.  The front doors will be locked.  Among the reasons for this–as you will see when you enter the premises–is that the higher ceilings are in the front; thus you would be interrupting competition.

Food Tables; Concessions

Aside from a vending machine, there are no concessions in the building.  There is a wide variety of dining options within a mile or two of the facility.  Moreover, those food tables that are such a part of the Southern Volleyball Culture are allowed in the building.  We will supply tables, with teach team taking a half-table.  You are welcome to bring your own table if you prefer.  Please, though, avoid the massive, over-the-top, bill-board style of food table, as space in the facility is not unlimited.


Contact Tournament Administrator Briana Johnson or on-site manager Phil Teknipp at (440) 413-7911

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