2018 Club Tournaments

Several ultra-pre-planners have called us to inquire about the dates of the tournaments that we will be hosting in 2018.  Accordingly, we offer the following dates.

  • Mizuno Southern Dream/AAU Super Regional: MLK weekend (Jan 13 – 15)
  • Leapin’ Littles; Jan 20-21
  • Icebreaker; February 3 – 4
  • First Lady’s Challenge; Presidents Day weekend (Feb. 17 – 19)
  • Beast of the Southeast; February 23 – 26
  • Dogwood Donnybrook; March 3 – 4
  • Southern Youth Festival; March 17 – 18
  • Battle Between Boys Belligerents; March 31 – April 1
  • Kudzu Klassik; April 14 -15 and April 28 – 29

Registration for all tournaments is through AES. Visit the tournament’s webpage for further information about a specific event.

We allow food tables in all of our tournaments except for those which are held in the Georgia International Convention Center and Suwanee Sports Academy.  (SSA allows outside food and drink to be brought in, but SSA no longer allows team food tables.)

We guarantee a minimum of five matches at our 2-day tournaments, and 7 matches at 3-day tourneys.  We pride ourselves on running well-organized, well-officiated, competitive and fun tournaments, and–with the exception of Beast, which is just for power/open teams–we generally field both club and power divisions in our tournaments whenever possible so as to minimize the blow-out matches that benefit no one.  We hope you will choose to participate in many of our events.

Teams winning the power division of any of the tournaments we host in January or February will automatically receive an at-large invitation to the prestigious Beast of the Southeast invitational tournament the following year.  Yet another reason to participate.

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