Kudzu Klassik — POSTPONED UNTIL MAY 16-17

Owing to school closings and the resultant unavailability of gym space, we have postponed the 2020 Kudzu Klassik until May 16-17.  The following explanatory email was sent on 3/27 to those who had previously registered:

Coach/Club Director,

We hope you are surviving the madness.

We are sending you this email because you have registered one or more teams to compete in the Kudzu Klassik on April 18-19 in Atlanta. You may be aware that USA Volleyball had mandated the cancellation of tournaments through April 15th.  As of this writing, that is still their stated position, and we have been hoping that sufficient progress would have been made in controlling the pandemic to enable us to go forward with the tournament.

However, yesterday Governor Kemp ordered that the closing of all public schools in Georgia be extended through April 24.  Since the Kudzu Klassik was scheduled to be hosted in public schools, we have no choice but to reschedule the tournament.  Thus, the 2020 Kudzu Klassik has been rescheduled to occur on May 16 – 17.

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether USAV will clear us to host tournaments on that date – or frankly on any of the remaining bid tournaments’ dates – now scheduled for late May/early June.  We will monitor this daily, and let you know the moment anything changes.

It is our hope that most of the teams that registered for the Kudzu Klassik will be able to compete on the new date.  Indeed, if we are cleared to compete by mid-May, attendance at the Klassik could explode, since it now falls two weeks prior to the Southern Region Championship Tourney.

If, for whatever reason, teams registered for the event choose not to play on the rescheduled date, we will be happy to refund registration fees.  There is no need to email us to request a refund, since we will be doing so in one fell swoop, as soon as the tournament’s ultimate fate is known.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by postponing the tournament, but the environment in which we are now operating is uncharted territory, so we know you will understand.  Hopefully this will all be behind us soon and we can all get back to the work of supporting the sport we love.


Southern Volleyball Tournaments

Registration is still open on Advanced Event Systems.

Registration Fee — $395

The competition schedule will be posted not later than the Tuesday prior to the event.

LocationSouthern Volleyball Center will serve as the tournament’s headquarters, in addition to other locations throughout GMA Atlanta

Hotel Accommodations

While we have no stay-to-play policy at this tournament, we will block out rooms for teams competing at this event.  Most hotels will offer a breakfast, kid friendly services, budget conscious rates, and amenities to enhance your stay.  Each hotel is strategically located just minutes from the tournament venue.

An entrance fee of $7/person/day ($10 for a weekend pass) will be charged.

Coaches Meeting – There will be no coaches meeting at this tournament.  Rather, we ask that coaches download and review the embedded Coaches Packet once it is posted. This packet contains a detailed description of each division’s format, along with information that will be of use for all tournament participants and spectators.

Food tables are allowed. Please view the policies of each venue on the appropriate tab.

One last note about food tables.  We would like to continue to allow them as a convenience to tournament attendees.  While they present few problems during pool play on Saturday, they have become a source of aggravation on Sunday. What happens is that those teams that play early on Sunday take the available table space, and those who play later in the day arrive before the early-playing teams have left, spawning complaints and in many instances unacceptably rude behavior.   Accordingly, we ask those teams playing at SVC to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If you play early, please remove your stuff from the tables and clean up behind you as soon as your team has completed play (NOT after they have completed their final reffing assignment).
  2. If you play later and arrive before food tables have cleared, please be patient.  It may take a few hours, but they will clear.  Feed your kids before arriving at the venue.
  3. If you simply can’t wait, set your table up outside.  Tailgating is a popular solution when the weather is nice.  (Please don’t take a parking spot, though, as parking, too, is limited.)
  4. In all instances, please clean up the mess you have caused as best you can.

Team food tables at volleyball tournaments are a charming tradition that exists only in the South, but in venues that are space-constrained they seem to have become a source of aggravation rather than an amenity.  If teams adhere to the above guidelines we will be able continue the tradition at our tournaments, but if food tables continue to be the focus of complaints, frustration and rude behavior, we will simply do what the rest of the country does and disallow them. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Artificial Noise — Please do not bring boom boxes, air horns, bells or the like into the gym.


Tournament Logistics & Operations                     Briana Johnson, SVT Administrator briana@southernvolleyball.com                            (404) 683-9494

Scheduling & Registration Questions                   Michael Fletcher – Tournament Director       mfletcher@southernvolleyball.com                      404.936.6723

Housing Information                                               Denise Corrigan – Housing Director               corrigans5@juno.com                                              678.386.9766


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