First Lady’s Challenge– February 16 -18, 2019

“Reno has one.  Omaha has one.  Washington; Chicago…  Why not Atlanta?”  Those were the thoughts running through our minds when we decided to host the first-ever Presidents Day tournament in 2013.  We were very happy with the results of the event in its first six years, and we look forward to building on what we’ve learned and expanding the tournament in 2019 and beyond.


As in recent years, we will be hosting the event at the Georgia International Convention Center (“GICC”)–connected to the Atlanta airport.  We will be occupying Halls A & B of the facility.  We will also be hosting a two-day Boys event on the same weekend. Press the link for the Commander in Chief’s Classic for details.

Cost is $595 for the girls’ three-day event.

Registration will open on 10/15/18

Schedule  will be posted on Advanced Event Systems not later than the Tuesday prior to the event.  That said, we know that teams like to plan their travel well in advance, so we provide the following TENTATIVE wave assignments:

a.m. wave:  12P/12C; 15/16C; 17/18 Club & Power

p.m. wave:  13/14C; 13/14P; 15/16P

Check-in/Coaches Meeting

There will be no coaches meeting.  In lieu of that, we request that you upload and review the Coaches Packet – 2018 first lady, which covers every subject that would have been discussed at a coaches meeting.  We are not requiring coaches to check in prior to Saturday morning

Hotel Accommodations

This is not a stay-to-play tournament.  That said, to ensure room night capacity at nearby locations, we have set up blocks of rooms at several hotels that are very convenient to the convention center and have very reasonable rates.

To Book Rooms:

Booking Website:

Team Block Request:

  • Click on appropriate tournament
  • Click on Book an individual room or request a block of rooms
  • Select hotel and make reservation

Please make sure to list your club and team when making the reservations

If you have questions that remain after reviewing the link, please feel free to contact SVT Housing Coordinator Denise Corrigan at

Champions at First Lady Automatically invited to next year’s Beast of the Southeast.

Winners of the Power Division of the First Lady’s Challenge will automatically secure a Champion’s Exemption to the prestigious Beast of the Southeast Tournament of Champions in 2017.  The only other way to secure an automatic invitation to Beast is to qualify for USAV Nationals.  Yet another reason to attend First Lady.

Food Tables, Chairs

The convention center will not allow food, coolers, etc. to be brought into the building.  A wide variety of food and snacks will be available at GICC’s concession stand as well as free-standing booths.  You may bring a folding chair if you wish, though seating is provided in the facility.

Space at SVC is constrained as well.  We do have a few tables for teams to share, but there’s just not enough room to spread the way you’d like.  There will be other training underway on two of the courts, exacerbating the space issue.  The GOOD NEWS in all of this is that–unlike the Convention Center venue – no gate is being charged at SVC.


On-site parking is available at $5/day.  GICC worked with us in allowing a reduction from their normal $10/day charge, but free parking is not available.  Parking at SVC is free.  We ask that you refrain from parking on the grass or in spaces reserved by signage or cones.


Spectators–including “chaperones” or “team reps” — whether rostered or not–will be charged $10/day for admittance to the tournament, or $25 for a three-day pass.  Players, coaches and college coaches will be admitted without cost.

Artificial Noise — Please do not bring boom boxes, air horns, bells or the like into the gym.


Contact Briana Johnson.

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