Refund Policy –– SVC hosts about a dozen tournaments each year.  We are often asked about our refund policy.  We are normally happy to refund a registration fee if a team drops – provided that the intent to drop is delivered timely to us — i.e., sufficiently in advance to prevent us from having to re-do the schedule — typical two weeks.

Beast, Southern Exposure and the Southern Volleyball Invitational are exceptions to this, in that teams make plans to attend these events 8 months in advance, and there is always a wait list.  However, wait-listed teams must manage their own schedules, so they make alternate plans if they can’t get in.  Therefore, the cutoff dates for registration fee refund are as follows:

  • Southern Invitational          3/31
  • Beast of the Southeast         12/31
  • Southern Exposure (HS)     1/31

Food Tables — One of the things we’ve learned from hosting tournaments is that SVC is space constrained relative to the spectator population, and the space is made tighter by the presence of over-the-top, out-of-control, billboard-sized food tables.  Food tables are deeply ingrained in the volleyball culture in the South, though, and we are loathe to disallow them.  However, we must control them to protect the experience of athletes and spectators alike.

Therefore, SVC’s Food Table Policy is as follows:

  • Food tables will be allowed, provided that SVC will furnish the tables.  Spectator-provided tables will not be allowed inside the facility.
  • No heating or cooking devices–crock pots, etc.–of any kind are allowed in the facility.
  • SVC will set up eight, 72″ x 30″ tables.  We will mark the middle of each table with tape, resulting in half-tables of 15 square feet.  Each of the 16 teams in a given wave will have access to a half-table.  We ask that coolers and the like be put underneath a team’s respective table.
  • If the area provided is unsufficient for a team’s needs, tailgating outside is permitted, and there is plenty of space for this in the grassy area to the front of the building.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Further details about each of the 18 tournaments we run each season are included on the event’s webpage.