Mizuno Southern Volleyball Showcase — 12/3/16

Now accepting Freshman through Seniors! If you are a Junior College player wanting to attend please email us for more information. 

One of the top recruiting combines in the country, the Southern Volleyball Showcase provides a vehicle for athletes freshman & above to demonstrate their volleyball skills to college coaches.  The 2015 rendition was held on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at Suwanee Sports Academy, attracting a record 500+ registrants and over 100 college coaches.

We’ll do it again this year at the same location — on December 3, 2016.

As in the past, there will be two waves — one from 8:00 a.m. until noon and the other from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m..  After you have registered, you will receive an email asking your preference as to wave assignments, and we will endeavor to honor these preferences, but must do so on a first-come basis.  If there is any doubt about which wave you are to attend, or if you need to state your preference, you may do so by emailing the event’s registrar at southernvolleyballshowcase@gmail.com.

A recruiting seminar will be included as well.  There will be one presentation in the morning and another in the afternoon, enabling parents and players to attend together if they wish.  In previous years we have been told that the seminar itself was worth the price of admission.

Recruiting Videos available (click here) through American Sports Memories

We typically have registrations for athletes from over 22 states, including Canada, Puerto Rico, California, Hawaii, Washington and New York, reinforcing the notion that it’s not necessary to LIVE in the Southeast to attend the Showcase; rather, if you want to ATTEND COLLEGE in this region of the country, the Showcase may be your best, most efficient way to be noticed by coaches from your target geographic.

For us, the most rewarding aspect of the Showcase is that each year we receive a dozen or so “thank you” emails from  participants who committed to a program to which they were first exposed at our event.  We’ve included a few of their comments in the “testimonials” tab.

Though we typically don’t know in advance which colleges will be represented, a listing of college coaches who have attended in the past is posted on the “colleges represented” tab.  If a recruit attending the Showcase wants to be seen by a particular college coach, the best thing they can do to make that happen is to contact that coach, let them know they will be at the Showcase, and ask them to come watch.

Hotel Accommodations

Hyatt Place Johns Creek

11505 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek GA

770-622-5858    $102/night with breakfast incl.

Please call hotel directly and ask for a room in the  Southern Volleyball Showcase Block or click here for the on-line housing form

Showcase Cost

The cost for athletes is $95.  Coaches and spectators are admitted without charge.

Refund Policy
In the event a player who has registered for the Southern Volleyball Showcase requests a refund, the Showcase will grant written refund requests for good cause through Friday, November 18, 2016. Such refunds will be issued via a credit back to the credit card, less a $20 processing fee. **ALL APPROVED REFUNDS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED FOLLOWING THE SHOWCASE, REGARDLESS OF WHEN THE REGISTRATION WAS RECEIVED**The Showcase will issue refunds for the Southern Volleyball Showcase only when the registered player has a medical issue that prohibits participation in the Showcase event. Southern Volleyball Showcase, at its sole discretion, may request medical documentation before processing a medical refund request. In all instances refunds will be processed only if we are able to fill the athlete’s slot.  Moreover, we will not refund registration fees to no-shows.

If you have any questions not answered in this summary, please direct them to Event Director Kurt Matthews at kurtmatthews@southernvolleyball.com


19 Responses to Mizuno Southern Volleyball Showcase — 12/3/16

  1. Cindy Faugerstrom says:

    Please email information on how to sign up for this showcase. Thanks!

  2. Lori Bidgood says:

    My daughter is 15, is she eligible to attend your showcase? She will compete in the u16 age group in the 2012-2013 club season.

    • michael says:

      Yes, Lori, she may participate. The intent is for the event to be open to girls PLAYING 16’s and above, irrespective of their birthday. I’ll clarify the verbiage.

  3. Louis says:

    We are a little new to this, so I apologize if this is something that should be understood. You mentioned that there were two waves. When we signed up my daughter, there was no method to indicate which wave we were signing up for – or do the girls particapte in both waves?


    • michael says:

      Great question. You participate in either the a.m. or p.m. wave, but not both. Once registered you will be contacted via email and asked your preference.

      • Jamila Moody says:

        Hi. I see you mentioned we an email would be sent out about participant times. I registered my daughter on Sept 1st and haven’t received an email as of yet. I wasn’t sure when those would go out. I was just curious.

        Thanks for your help.

  4. Vanessa Salinas says:

    I am 17 and will be playing 18’s this coming season, and I was just wondering if there is away way I could do both waves. I’m just not sure if college coaches would attend more in the morning than afternoon wave. I am very much wanting to get recognized and was wondering if you could give me a heads up on which wave would be better for me before i make my decision. I’m coming from houston, TX and I am looking to attend any college.
    Thank you,
    Vanessa Salinas

    • michael says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      Great question–thanks for asking.

      Unfortunately we can’t let athletes participate in multiple sessions, as that would preclude others from participating, since we are virtually certain to sell out. Plus…. you will find the combine to be a pretty rigorous workout. It’d be pretty difficult to show your best stuff in that second wave, as you will be exhausted.

      Because the Showcase has become so popular, each year we discuss adding a third wave, and each year we decide against doing so, as the one year we did it, many coaches left early in the third wave and those girls were not seen to the same extent as those who were in the first two waves.

      My advice would be to request the wave that makes the most sense from a travel and a rest perspective–to make sure you’re as fresh as you can be. If you’re coming in from Texas on Friday night, you might want to play in the a.m. Conversely, if you’re coming from California–as several registrants are–you might want to defer to the afternoon, since our 9 a.m. start time is 6 a.m. on the Pacific Coast.

      Our experience is that both a.m. and p.m. waves are seen to equal degrees. While there will be some coaches who arrive after the combine has started in the morning, there will also be coaches who depart in the afternoon before it’s done. But we feed them well at lunch and most are there for the entire day.

      Best of luck to you!


  5. Jennifer says:

    Hello, I was wondering when we should be receiving our confirmation email to be able to select which wave my daughter is interested in? I registered her on Sept 30 and have already received the email with the waiver attachment but that email said we would be receiving another email to respond to to select the wave preference.

    Thank you.

  6. Rebecca Richey says:

    My daughter has been playing since she was 5 on a 12 and under team. She is now 11 and plays on a 14s team. When can she start attending showcases. She plays year round,school,club and beach already.

    • michael says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for your question. Recruiting combines differ, but most want the athlete to be old enough to be of recruitable age. At the Showcase, we restrict attendees to those playing 16’s and up. Certainly we wouldn’t want to turn away a high school girl with legitimate aspirations to play in college for a middle schooler who is too young to be seriously recruited but wants the experience of a combine.

      Best of luck to your daughter!


  7. Michele says:

    Hi Michael

    Will this be the only showcase for the class of 2013?

    My daughter is interested, but the date is a bad time for us.

    Thanks Michele

    • michael says:

      This is the only Showcase that WE offer, Michelle, but there are other recruiting combines out there. Check prepvolleyball.com for about a half dozen announcements.

      Best of Luck,


  8. kurt matthews says:

    KURT MATTHEWS – SHOWCASE DIRECTOR (kurtmatthews@southernvolleyball.com if you have any questions)

    **Registration is live!** Thank you for your patience while we built this new and improved system

    Also, answers to some FAQ’s
    1. The Showcase is open to individuals, you do not have to have a team.
    2. If you need housing, we can get you a deal on hotels – email me for details
    3. ALL LEVELS of colleges have attended in the past (DI,II,III, NAIA, Junior College) so the Showcase is a benefit to all levels of players (& colleges as well)
    4. YES the Showcase will fill and we will create a waiting list

    Thank you!

  9. alexis says:

    Can you publish a list of coaches who attended last years Showcase?

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