Fridays at Four (Grades 2 – 5)

The Last “Fridays at Four” Session Prior to Club Season is September 20th 

In addition to the great introductory training to which these young athletes have become accustomed, we’ll have pizza and ice cream to celebrate this next phase in their volleyball journeys.

Fridays at Four is a structured open gym format just for the youngsters.  It is held at SVC every Friday from 4 until 6 p.m..  The format features simple drills and game situations in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, designed to introduce the sport to this formative age group in a low-stress environment.

There is no need to sign up in advance; just come whenever you can, pay $10 at the door and just have fun between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. every Friday (unless cancelled in advance.)   You may come and go as you please, so don’t stress if you can’t be there right at 4:00 or have to leave prior to 6:00.

The cost of this experience is $10/child, and first-timers will be admitted for $5. Perhaps more importantly, kids who bring a first-timer will also get in for 5 bucks.  Can’t beat that!

Led by A5 11-1 Coach Walter Patterson, coach of one of the top U11 teams in the country, the session won’t be a free-for-all, but will feature some structure, with fun drills and limited instruction to beginning players.  Many current players for nationally renowned A5 Volleyball Club first touched a volleyball at Fridays at Four. Further information about the program is available at

This is not to be confused with the Youth Performance training offered by Volleyperformance, also geared for the youngsters, but whose focus is more on individual skills development.  Volleyperformance trains at SVC as well.  Indeed, Fridays at Four has become a feeder for Youth Performance for those young athletes with interest and aptitude who wish to take their games to the next level.  Youth Performance  is held every weekend at SVC.  Further information is available here.

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