Adult Open Gym Cancelled Until Further Notice

Please be advised that we are closing Friday Night Adult Open Gym until further notice in response to the risks posed by the coronavirus.  We will monitor the situation weekly, hoping to re-open this popular activity as soon as conditions warrant.  When that happens we will update this email address in addition to sending an email blast to everyone on file.

Friday night Adult Open Gym at SVC continues to be popular with adult athletes, attracting 90 – 100 or more players on a given Friday in the dead of winter; 60 – 80 during the warmer months.  It starts every Friday at 6:30 p.m. and runs until 10:30.

We have two options to pay:

1.      First-timers and infrequent participants can continue to come on a one-off basis, paying $7/session.

2.      More active players may pay a $15 annual membership fee up front, and play all year for $5 per session.  This makes sense if you expect to play eight or more times during the calendar year.  The calendar year re-starts on 1/3/20.

3.  Since we allow alcohol at Adult Open Gym, we need to enforce certain participation requirements:

  • Participants must be 18 years old or older irrespective of club affiliation or gender.
  •  Current A5, GA5  and A5 South coaches may play for free.
  • A5, GA5 and A5 alumnae may play for $5/night without paying the $15 membership fee.

In order to maximize the playing experience of every adult participating, we have put the following structure in place for evenings in which we are busy:

  • The Gym Manager will place sign-up sheets in a central location and monitor their use.  These will be in place at the beginning of the night, so as soon as anyone is waiting for a court, the system is in place for them to sign in.  He will also be able to answer questions and assist newcomers on their proper placement on the court.
  • Players may not sign up for two courts simultaneously.
  • Once a set is complete, the losing team is to exit the court and the waiting team will  take their place.
  • In the event that two or more teams are waiting to play on a given court, the winning team, too, must exit the court after their second win.  The one exception to this rule is court five, in which the winning team may remain in place for as long as they keep winning.
  • We will place signage on each of the courts to help assist with skill levels.  Generally speaking, the skill level will increase along with the court number; i.e., beginner/intermediate players will play on court one and A/AA players on court five.
  • The gym manager will have the prerogative and responsibility to ask players to move up or down skill levels if theirs is significantly different from the level at which they are playing.

NOTE–it is possible that we will have to cancel Open Gym a couple of times during the year.  In this event, we will a) post signage at the front desk the week(s) prior to closure; b) post a message to that effect on this website; and c) send an email blast to our adult email list.  ….which brings up an important point:  please make sure that we have an accurate email address for you so that we can notify you of any closures and/or special events.  Otherwise, there is no need to call to confirm that we’re open; just show up when you can and find a court that suits your skill level.  If you need help finding the court that best fits your skill level, ask the Gym Manager for assistance.

SVC’s Alcohol Policy

Volleyball is a social sport.  Though SVC doesn’t have a liquor license, we want you to know it is OK for adults to quaff a beer or two that you bring to our facility after you’ve finished playing.  We do ask that you drink responsibly